About Us

We love an immaculate lawn but it takes hard work to achieve especially if your lawn has lots of moss or thatch in it.  To keep it under control you’ll need to rake out the moss twice a year and potentially scarify it too.  If you’ve got a tiny garden then that’s a job that’s just about doable by hand but if you’ve got a large garden then you’ll need some mechanical assistance.

Visitors to our sister websites Petrol-Lawnmowers.co.uk and Electric-Mowers.co.uk have repeatedly asked us for reviews and recommendations of lawn rakers and scarifiers to help them get their lawns looking their best so, being the nice folks that we are, we set up Lawn-Rakers.co.uk.

Choosing and buying the right lawn raker or scarifier for your garden can be a tricky business.  With so many different designs and features, exactly which ones do you need ?  Lawn-Rakers.co.uk is here to help and is run by experienced gardeners who know what they are talking about when it comes to nurturing grass.

Lawn-Rakers.co.uk works with the leading retailers of lawn rakers and scarifiers to bring you the best information and the best prices so that you can ensure that you’ve bought the best raker for you at the best price.

If you’re a distributor of lawn rakers and would like to send us one for review, please use our contact form to get in touch.